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Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens is a consultant, author, and advisor who is widely regarded as a leading authority on investor insights into the AgTech industry. With over 20+ years of food and agricultural industry experience at every level of the value chain ranging and from Fortune 100 companies to early-stage growth companies, he is sought-after by hedge funds, private equity, family offices, and corporate venture capital teams to research potential partnerships, acquisitions, and capital investment.


He has worked with several consulting companies as an expert to add a layer of color to research and management consulting projects across the globe. He is a familiar face at AgTech conferences and has appeared on numerous panels to discuss the challenges and opportunities which exist in the space.


He is the author of several white papers and peer-reviewed journal entries focusing on the economic analysis supporting technological advances in row-crop production systems. As a consultant and advisor, he helps teams develop their Go-To-Market strategies to meet their high growth goals.  An expert in specialty crop and Identity Preserved systems, he has negotiated mutually beneficial farmer production contracts for end users.  He holds an MBA in International Marketing, Corporate Strategy, and eCommerce from the University of Illinois and a BBA with a minor in AgBusiness from Mississippi State University.

Stock Exchange

work experience includes:

  • CEO, Sfeer Corp.

  • Head of US Grains, C &D (USA), Inc.

  • Director of Strategy, Rantizo, Inc.

  • Co-founder & Head of Trading, Frey P/S

  • Director, Crop Merchandising, Farmers Business Network, Inc.

  • Director, US Grains Division, Starfuels, Inc.

  • Trading Manager-USA, Global Agri Division, Phoenix Commodities USA, LLC

  • NA Manager, Grain & Oilseeds Section, Food & Agricultural Products Division, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.

  • Executive Vice-President, Identity Seed & Grain Company

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